Xhorse VVDI M3 Tibbe-Key Clamp for Condor/Dolphin Key Cutting Machines

Code: RK-KCM3-1

Ford M3 Jaw/Clamp for Ford TIBBE Key Blade

Works with Condor XC-MINI Master Series/Condor Dolphin Key cutting machine for cutting Ford Tibbe key blade and Citroen SX09.

Compatible to Work With:

Condor XC-MINI (Item NO.SL273)
Condor XC-MINI Plus (Item NO.SL273-C)
Condor XC-MINI Plus II
Condor Dolphin XP-005 (Item NO.SL437)
Xhorse Dolphin XP-005L (Item NO.CN-SL480)

RRP $490.00