KCM9 Alpha Automatic Key Cutting Machine

Code: RK-KCM9


RK-KCM9 The KCM9 is safe and easy to use, with an Android operating system and advanced search key function, it also has the ability to duplicate keys without key data in the database, and shows a graphic display of each key. 

Cuts various types of keys including:

  • Single sided domestic keys
  • Double sided domestic keys
  • Automotive keys (track and standard)
  • Dimple keys
  • Tubular keys 

1 Clamp included:

  • 4 sided clamp to cut automotive keys

The KCM9 also supports search-by-code to find key-biting-number of supported keys.

Toolbox spaces included for handy and easy storage of decoder, cutter, calibration block and more. 

The latest original jaw design allows cutting of Volkswagen Audi HU162T Key and Toyota Lexus TOY2 Key with no need for small jaws.

This is the first automatic key cutting machine that checks missing teeth of the ignition lock for HU162T through the teeth numbers on the door lock and vice versa.






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RRP $8,460.00