Rebadge RFID Device V3 (Includes 10 Free Badges, Poster)



RK-RBDGV3 ReBadge V3 is an automatic and profitable device that enables the duplication of electronic RFID badges, tgas and cards using 13.56MHz and 125KHz. 

Key Technical Features


Duplicates all standard Badges, Fobs and Cards (13.56MHz & 125KHz)


Efficient, simple control via touch-screen


Internet-connected, allowing for over-the-air upgrades & remote support


CE & RoHS Certified 

Commercial Features

Hands Free:

Place the badge, press copy and go back to work while the device cracks the code 


Set your own prcing on an untapped market. Return on investment possible in two weeks

ReBadge ID:

Allows customers to make additional copies without the original.

***Because of patent law HID iClass can not be copied by this machine ***


Standard Features

  • Able to copy approximately 90% of tags currently in use
  • Can send customers an ID code via SMS which can be used to make a new tag in all tags lost scenario
  • Water resistant tags and cards
  • Copy tags for office, gym, elevators, home, marina, gate, apartments and many more
  • Extended arial coverage for ease of use and faster tag reading
  • Improved 125Khz read/writing capabilites
  • NEW Extended arial coverage, covers almost the entire base plate of the machine

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