XHorse VVDI XN Wireless Remote XNDS00EN

Code: XH-XN02


Transponder: YES (NXP)

Battery:  No

Battery Model: CR2032

 Product complies to Consumer Goods (Products Containing Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard 2020.

VVDI Wireless Features and Advantages

  • Built-in clonable(duplicable) transponder
  • Support emulation for multiple immobilizer transponders types: 11,12,13, 7936, 7937, 7947XTT, 7946, etc. Superior application for over 100 universal vehicle types(will be applied to more vehicle types); Effectively reduce storage space.
  • Original NXP Immobilizer Transponder; Safe and stable performance; Even able to be used in extreme weather.
  • Wireless Programming. No need to open the cover or connect the programming cable.
  • Reprogrammable. Support reprogramming.
  • Fast remote response. The Prompt and wait-free remote response brings users an excellent experience.
  • Super high cost performance. Effective cost-saving enables more profits.
  • Bonus points reward. The Bonus points will be automatically accumulated and can be used to exchange for various functions and accessories of CONDOR devices. Each wireless key is with 40 points.
RRP $25.90